Human Machine Vocal Interface

Technical Overview

HMVI (pronounced like Humvee) is an experimental system that enables vocal interaction between humans and machines, similar to Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa.

The following figure shows the main components of HMVI:

  1. Speech To Text: When a user says something, this module will translate that utterance into text. This is also called Speech Recognition.
  2. Intent Recognizer: Receive text from A, parse the text, and apply different algorithms to determine the intent of the text. Based on the intent of the text, it will query one or more of the Knowledge Providers.
  3. Knowledge Providers: Receive queries from B, forward the query to appropriate provider, and return the results back. The data returned usually will be formatted in a programmer friendly fashion, like JSON or XML.
  4. Data To Text: Translate the formatted data from C into human readable format like English.
  5. Text To Speech: Receive text from D and convert it to speech (sound waves). This is also called Speech Synthesis.

Useful Services

The HMVI Advantage

HMVI Amazon Alexa Apple Siri Google Assistant Microsoft Cortana
Voice to Text
Text to Voice
TDA Authentication
TDA owns framework
Financial Knowledge
Common knowledge
Quick expandable knowledge
Device Agnostic
Service Oriented API
Browser support
SMS text messages
Facebook Messenger


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You can reach us at the Advanced Technology Group, TD Ameritrade, Ann Arbor, Michigan.